Incomplete project template

In the project template categories the Orchestra, band, jazz section does not appear. how to solve this situation. Greetings.

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What flavor of Dorico are you running? SE?

That’s right

SE is free, and limited to two players.

You can upgrade to Elements to use up to 12 players, or Pro to get unlimited.

I will immediately perform this procedure, I will be reporting the progress. Thank you so much


Hello, I did tests with Dorico Elements and Dorico SE, obtaining the same result, the templates do not appear. what’s going on? what should i do? will there be any updates i haven’t seen?

I would have to guess that the templates do not display to you because you wouldn’t be able to do anything with them due to the player limits of the cut-down editions. There’s no sense showing customers something that they can’t use.

I really don’t know what happens, I like the program and many of the university assignments are sent to me in orchestral formats because it is one of the subjects I teach and that is why I come here to hear solutions or alternatives. They open the projects but I can’t modify them and I have to take them to other software, which I don’t like.

@Edgar_Jose_Quinones as stated on the product page, Dorico Elements is limited to 12 players. If you want to work with projects that have more than 12 players, you need Pro.

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Two things, the first, the program only gives me two players, with no other alternative and that is precisely what I have tried to explain at all times, and I will try any recommendation that you can give me. if I have to try Pro I do it without any problem.

It’s very possible we’re having trouble communicating because of a language issue, but I’m not sure how to be clearer than what I already described:

Dorico SE: max two players
Dorico Elements: max 12 players
Dorico Pro: as many players as you want

As James already suggested, Dorico probably won’t show you a template if it exceeds the number of players you can have.

It sounds like you need Pro.

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Then I will take the option that indicates me. I am very grateful for your comments, because you want to help me in obtaining the most suitable solution. Thanks again. I hope the next time I write is to say, I have made it


I can confirm that Dorico will not show any templates in the Hub that exceed the maximum number of players that version of Dorico can open. It may be interesting for you to know that the next version of Dorico Elements will have an increased maximum player limit of 24, up from the current 12, as well as a number of other new features.