Incomplete recording

Lately my Cubase has been doing partial recordings by which I mean halfway through recording a track the waveform seems to stop forming and when I stop recording only about half of what I recorded is there.
Any ideas? Its Cubase Artist 7. The same problem has happened on two of my computers so I don’t think its a computer RAM issue.


What Audio Device do you use? Do you use the same Device with both computers?

Cubase will stop recording if something inhibits its ability to continuously access the disk you are recording to. For example my backups are set to occur when I normally take lunch. But if I happen to be recording when my audio disk backup starts, the backup fully engages the disk for a moment which is enough to stop the recording. I assume something similar would happen if the CPU was fully used. I’d use Task Manager & Performance Monitor to see what’s going on when the problem occurs.

Thanks guys , I’m using a tone port line 6 at home and a presonus 8 input at my studio, and it has done it on both systems . One time i didn’t realise I was recording the tracks onto my USB stick instead of the hard drive so I thought that might have been the problem , but then it did it when recording to my hard drive on the home setup. I will have a look at the performance monitor next time . Thanks again.