Incomprehensible MIDI issue with one Midi port

Hi at all, i’m owner of Cubase Studio 8.5. I use 2 MIDI interface: Maya 4ux & one that come toghether with tha Audiocard (Focusrite 6i6 2nd Gen).
Maya has no problem, while the keyboard connected in the MIDI in of Audiocard have an unbelievable problem. When i record MIDI, the Note On messages are shifted in something like 1700.1.1.1 Bars!!! I cannot understand where is the problem, it happens only with that MIDI port.
The Audio work well.
Thank you in advance guys! I hope that someone can help me.

Are you in Windows? If so, this may be the good old problem with Windows OS timers.

There is Steinberg Knowledge Base article here:
And if you like to know more about the technical details, S.o.S wrote an article about it ages ago:

Thanks a lot Jarno. Tomorrow i’ll try and i’ll keep you informed.
Yes i’ve got Win7 x64.