inconsistant results

Hello, I’m trying to record guitar tracks with LE4 using a DigiTech RP255, and I got it to work fine at first, but now when I set up my VST connections sometimes it works fine, and sometimes I get nothing, but usually nothing. I have succesfully recorded audio before and played it back, but now with the exact same set up I either get an input signal and no playback, or just nothing at all.

My VST connection are:

Output: Stero out, Asio Directx Full Duplex, and using my computer speakers

Input: Mono in, Asio Directx…, and the DigiTech for the device port

record enable is on, monitoring is on, and in the inspecter I have selected mono in and stereo out

I have this set up just as the included pdf file specifies i should.

did I miss something? maybe I have a bad cable?

I would recommend NOT using the DirectX driver. If Digitech did not provide you with a dedicated USB driver, you should be looking at using a 3rd party ASIO driver such as ASIO4all.

Hey, I got it working, but thank you for the suggestion!

For anyone else with this problem here’s what I did:

When adding a new input/output bus in VST connections I did NOT delete the old bus’s first, doing so seemed to make it not work for me. Also it seems as though the pedal has to be on before Cubase starts, (at least in my limited experience)

It was a little frustrating there at first but now the fun begins!!! :smiley: