Inconsistencies in Modernist cautionary accidentals in the following bar

After revising a score, I found a lot of inconsistencies concerning cautionary accidentals expected in the following bar.

Modernist rule choosen with these options turned on (Dorico 4.2 for Mac):

  • Accidentals: “Persist only for single note”
  • Repetitions: “Restate only after intervening change of pitch”
  • Within a beamed group: “Always restate”
  • Adjacent notes: “Show cancellation accidental” (apparently, this option is irrelevant here)
  • AND: “Show cautionary” on all 4 “Cautionary Accidentals” options (bellow “in parentheses”)

Here are some simplified examples:

E.g. 1: The selected Es don’t get the natural accidental. No problems if the C-sharp is in a different octave.

E.g. 2: The selected Bs don’t get the natural accidental. The Gs gets it, as expected. No problems also if the C-sharp is in different octaves.

(If the C-sharps in both examples are naturals, enharmonic D-flats, or other notes, no problems either.)

E.g. 3: The selected F4s don’t get the natural accidental in the following bar, neither the selected F5s in the same bar. No problem if the E-flat is in a different octave; and no problem either if the second F5 becomes an F3 or F6.

Maybe I missed some settings, but I don’t think so.

Please supply the project so we can inspect the settings.

This is the examples file (fresh started, not XML import).
modernist (372.9 KB)

I think in your “Example 3” the behaviour for the F5 notes on beat 4 is as intended - the cautionary accidentals will only appear once (in any given octave). However the other cases look wrong to me - I’ll have to investigate further, but I think there is probably a bug here.

This does indeed look like a bug to me. We have some code that is designed to look for enharmonic notes that I think isn’t working correctly. I’ve logged it for one of our developers to look at.


Thank you Richard!
Yes, I thought too that that F5 non restated cautionary could be intended. But wouldn’t it contradict in a way the restated choosen option, and that restated F-sharp, as well as the cautionaries in the F3 and F6?
Here’s that example extended, where a cautionary natural in that second F5 is advisable:

If it really is intended as you say, could the team consider adding an option to restate the cautionary?

I take your point - it might be possible though I am not sure (I’m not a developer). I wonder whether it might be worth trying using the Second Viennese School options, with “Do not restate within a bar” turned on?

I’ve tried that, but it would make a score cluttered with naturals (even if the score is all on “white” piano key notes) that I find superfluous.