Inconsistency between "Select more" and "select to end of flow"

I like the concept of “select more”, but that doesn’t include the triplet groupings. That makes it pretty useless for large cut and paste operations.

I believe it should work the same as “select to end of flow”, which DOES include the triplet groupings.

For the time being, it actually is quite consistent with the way the filter works : try filtering by voice, you’ll notice that the tuplets are not included in the selection.
This “problem” has already been discussed, so the team knows about it…

Select To End of Flow selects everything on the selected staves.
Select More (SM) selects more of whatever you’ve selected.
If you start by selecting some lyrics, SM will select more lyrics. If you start be selecting some notes, SM will select more notes. If you Cmd/Ctrl-click a note and a lyric, SM will select both notes and lyrics.

Bottom line: SM does select tuplet groupings as long as there’s one in your initial selection.

The point is that the triplet grouping is part of the note, as far as I’m concerned. What good does it do to select a passage WITHOUT the triplet groupings? That would be like not selecting the dots from a dotted half or dotted quarter. The triplet grouping is essential to the length and placement of the note.

SM doesn’t select time signatures either, unless they’re part of the initial selection. If the time signature changes every bar then I can’t imagine a scenario in which I’d want to copy notes without time signatures (not that copying is the only thing I use SM for).

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I like the current behaviour, but (to my mind) it’s consistent.

If triplet grouping was “part of the note” in Dorico (which it isn’t) it would be a pain if you change your mind and rewrite a passage of 2/4 triplets in 6/8 time.

Or if you change your mind about an irregular run of notes, and want to add one note in the middle of a group of 9 and turn it into a group of 10.

Or if you decide that some nested tuplets have ended up as a mess and you want to simplify the notation a bit …

Maybe they should add an additional function like “select more bars of complete music”. That selection could include triplets as well as chord symbols. I would use that often.

That’s precisely the function of the system track.

Ok, sorry, I should have been more precise.

A key command that selects the following bar of the selected track(s) including notes, chord symbols, text etc. Hitting the key command again adds a bar selection. Is there already something like that?

Or maybe i should ask differently: What’s the easiest way to select bar 4 to 8 in flute, harp and piano in an orchestra including chord symbols? That’s a situation where I start doing single clicks on all chord symbols with pressed cmd key (Mac) and dragging mouse frames to select parts.

In my case, I’m trying to copy one entire instrument to another instrument. I don’t see how the system track would help with that.

I can do “select to end of flow”, which is what I have always done. I just thought I’d try the “select more”. By ignoring the triplets, I don’t see how I could ever use that, unless my music doesn’t have any tuplets, of course.

Including the triplets is as simple as cmd-clicking one triplet to include it in your selection before Select more is used.