Inconsistency between Stereo Output Singal and AES Digital Signal

I just recently added a dedicated ADDA Converter to my setup. I use Cubase 11 on a PC with Windows 10 platform. I use an RME fireface 802 Interface and the new converter is a Lynx Hilo.
Right now I have the Interface connected to the Hilo via the Interface’s analog outputs and via a n AES digital connection. There is also an AES connection from the Hilo back to teh Interface, which I intend to use to print tracks back to my DAW at mastering stage.
The problem I am having is that the signal being sent by Cubase to the Interface AES is coming in at about half or less of the level presented by the standard Stereo Out Signal that goes to analog.
Hilo Problem 1
The faders in Cubase show that the signal coming back in to the print track (“FINAL MASTER” in green) is significantly lower than what is being sent out via the Master Processing Track:
Hilo Problem 2
The RME Interface App also shows the signal in both software playback and in Hardware outputs very low, which would indicate the signal is coming out low from Cubase:
Hilo Problem 3
Any ideas on what could be going on here and how I could fix it? thanks!

Well what does the AES output bus look like? I’m assuming you have a separate bus for that in Cubase (?).

Hi MattiasNYC! since I posted this yesterday I’ve ran some more tests and discarded the possibility that Cubase is the culprit. I am dealing with this issue directly with the manufacturer of the ADDA processor. Thanks anyway!