Inconsistency when bypassing plugins


I just found a bug or inconsistency in the Master Section when bypassing effects (latest version and also previous I think).

When using/toggling “Bypass All Plugins” in the Inspector it remembers the state of each individual plugins, i.e. if it already was bypassed or not,
but when doing the same thing in Master section, any individual plugins that were bypassed is automatically enabled when toggling All Effects on or off.

How to recreate:

  • initiate a set of effects/plugins in MS
  • bypass one of the effects/plugins
  • bypass the whole effects chain by using Bypass All Effects
  • click Bypass All Effects again to enable effects
  • the effect that was bypassed earlier is now also enabled although it was individually bypassed earlier

I assume that it should work the same way as in the Inspector, i.e. remember the state of each individual effect!?


That would be better, yes. But not top priority.

If it annoys you or lets you make mistakes, you can prevent this behaviour by switching plugins off instead of bypassing them. This will be remembered when Bypass All is used.