Inconsistency with instrument naming with condensing


I cannot seem to figure out why Flute 1 and 2 are being merged here into Flute 1 (over) 2 and Oboe 1 and Oboe 2 are being merged into the same stave but instead of saying Oboe 1 (over) 2 it says Oboe 1 and Oboe 2 with full names. I tried resetting the names for the oboes and there was no change. I’m not certain what logic this uses for merging names excepting the number. (same problem with Bassoons vs. Horns). I’m not surprised that it isn’t properly naming the clarinets since that is a more complicated situation, so I would expect what it is doing with the clarinets is normal, and I’m not worried about that part.

There must be something about the names of the Oboe instruments that is different, e.g. one has a leading or trailing space, or something along those lines. Dorico will happily combine custom instrument names into a single label, provided they are identical. Although I can’t tell from your screenshot in what way they are not identical, clearly they must not be. If you go to the Edit Names dialog and click the ‘Reset to Factory’ button for both Oboe 1 and Oboe 2, hopefully you’ll find that they then combine as expected. If they don’t, please zip up and attach the project, or at least cut it down to the first few bars and attach that.

Resetting the names to factory didn’t help. I’ve sent the link to the file.

I had the same thing happen; resetting to factory didn’t work for me either. I was able to fix it by doing the following:

  1. make new players for the instruments with that didn’t condense their labels correctly
  2. copy all the music from the old player to the new player (using Select to End of Flow)
  3. delete the old player.

After that, condensing works just fine; for me, the issue was Horns 1 and 2. But it looks like you may have to fix more instruments, unfortunately.

The problem here is caused by the transposition settings for the instruments’ names being different. In the Edit Names dialog for each instrument, make sure the ‘Show transposition’ option is set to the same value for each instrument, and that will sort it out.

Thanks very much Daniel, that worked perfectly - really appreciate it.

On a related note, you would have noticed in the file before the first stave, some instrument names show the name of the instrument it doubles on in parentheses afterwards (ex. “Flute 3 (Piccolo)”), fairly standard practice. Any way of doing this yet that won’t mess up the abbreviated naming in later bars? I assume not but thought I would check. I don’t absolutely need those parenthetical names showing the doublings, but they are nice to have.

No, at some point we should add an option to also show any doublings in the staff label in the first system automatically.

Dear Sir,
I am a new user of Dorico and I want to ask you something; can you please tell me how did you wrote “1” over “2” in the Flute and Bassoon staves (staffs)? I tried to merge (condense) the two staffs of flutes (Flute 1 and Flute 2) and the result was “Flute 1.2”. The same for Bassoons.
Thank you in advance!

If you have Dorico Pro, go to Engraving Options>Staff Labels, scroll down until you see “When stacking player numbers for condensed players vertically” and choose “Ignore stem allocation”.

Thank you very much!

I find the last three words to be a completely incomprehensible command! :slight_smile:


In the examples in Behind Bars, Gould tends to prefer indicating 1.2 where the parts share a single stem and 1. and 2. vertically (1. above the staff, 2. below) when double stemmed writing is used. Even then this isn’t a hard set rule for all cases as she shows one example where she has single stemmed writing but due to the distance between pitches she places the 2. below the staff for clarity.