Inconsistent beaming and duration representation in 3/8

I’m a newbie to Dorico Pro (Sibelius convert) and I’ve found the on-line help excellent in inching up the learning curve. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to the notation in bar 7 to look like that in bar 6. I realize that it must have something to do with the presence of the trailing 32nd notes in bar 7 vs 16th notes in bar 6, but I can seem to find anything in Notation Options that will resolve the problem. Can someone point me to some documentation that will explain how to solve this problem. (I have only explored Setup and Write modes in detail at this point, so if the answer is ‘Go learn Engrave mode,’ I take that input as an answer. However, I’m hoping it’s something I can learn about the intricacies of Write mode and beaming.
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The quickest manual way is to select the tied 16th, press O, then 4, then 5.

There may be notation options you can tweak here, but sometimes Force Duration (O) is inevitable.

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Perfect! Thanks very much!!

Oh, and welcome to the forum!

Thanks. Having started on Finale 1.0 long ago and moved on to Sibelius only to see Avid fire the development team and then Steinberg amazingly make a commitment to that team to build what they knew could to move notation software beyond Sibelius, it’s exciting to be diving into Dorico. I can see how much thought and solid software engineering has gone into 3.5 and even a cursory 10-15 hours of starting up the learning curve shows me that I will probably not need substantial parts of the application even it’s very cool that the that the capabilities are there. That’s what makes Dorico such an accomplishment. Easy and intuitive (mostly) to use with both depth and breadth in multiple contexts. Huge congrats and kudos to Dan S and his team.