Inconsistent behaviour creating triplet in and out of note input mode

Forgive me if this has been explained before, but I’m trying to understand the reasoning behind this behaviour:

I also just noticed that in note input mode, 3:2 isn’t pre-filled.
Personally I would prefer the behaviour that doesn’t alter the following beat, and that 3:2 is pre-filled in both instances.

During note input, the tuplets popover isn’t pre-filled because Dorico has no way of knowing what tuplet you might want. When you’re outside note input and have a selection, Dorico makes a best-guess at what you’re likely to want based on your selection.

In Dorico 4, you can also use the long-press options in the Notes toolbox to “quick-input” the specified tuplet.

When tupletifying existing non-tuplet notes, Dorico will draw in subsequent material - but if memory serves, that won’t happen if Insert mode is active; instead, Dorico will add extra time within the tuplet.

I somewhat understand the reasoning behind not pre-filling in note input mode, however I would argue that Dorico has just as much info about what I want either way (either I have some note with length x selected, or my current note length to input is x). I would also argue that since it also comes pre-selected it doesn’t really matter to the user who wants to input something else, they’ll just go ahead and type without thinking, and for the rest of us we save a keystroke… Anyway, that’s not the hill I came here to die on :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried with insert mode active and this was the result in and out of note input mode:

They’d have to delete it, and some users have strong opinions about this. There have been discussions on this topic before!