Inconsistent CD handling/workflow on WL8 Mac

When I want to burn a CD-R at full speed, WL8 expects me to insert the CD first, then “ignore” the blank, then proceed to burning. So in this context the CD generally needs to be in the drive before I select the menu item.

When I want to import audio or extract tracks from a CD, WL8 expects me to open the dialog up first, then wait for a requester before inserting the disc. In other words, for importing the user is expected to behave in the exact opposite way as for import.

Maybe this is intentional - maybe someone appreciates the reversed symmetry of this approach. Maybe there’s a technical block. Or maybe it’s just a behavior that’s unique to mac version. But for normal human beings, and most users I suspect the expectation is for disc operations and workflow to be the same where drive mechanisms are concerned.

I have no preference. It matters not a bit to me, whether the CD should be in the drive already, before I attempt an operation, or whether the drive should remain open until I’ve worked through some request or dialog. But I have a strong preference AGAINST the status quo. This inconsistency (or symmetry if you prefer) is just confusing, and makes the application harder to use. Pick a model and use it consistently for all drive-based operations, and WL will get better reviews and make us all more productive.

This is a boring technical issue (not the same on Windows).

No doubt it’s boring… the sort of refinement one expects in .X releases, not necessarily in early versions of a release. But consistency within applications improve productivity, and make the app easier to use, not to mention avoiding bad comments in review.

The limit is on the OSX side here.