Inconsistent closing windows behaviour

Is there a way to close the Project Browser other than a mouseclick?

Is there a rule for closing windows, editors, pugins etc, sometimes it is Enter , sometimes the same command will work for opening and closing, sometimes ESC,…and sometimes, it seems, it has to be done manually using the mouse.
Closing any thing you have opened before seems to be a rather inconsistent and not well documented affair. Mostly trial and error, or is it just me not getting it?

Cheers R


On Mac you can close any window by using Cmd+W. I expect it’s similar on WIndows: Ctrl+W.

It depends on the type of the window. The windows, where you can enabled/disable “Always onTop” (plug-in windows, Channel Settings Window,…), you can close them via hitting Esc. The windows, where you can’t enable/disable “Always on top”, you can’t close them by hitting Esc.