Inconsistent Font Sizes

Hi Guys,

I did have a look to see if anyone was talking about this on another thread but I couldn’t find one so apologies if I’ve missed it!

I’m having a bit of trouble with font sizes and the font window in general in Engrave. I’ll edit my Title font size and composer, copyright and part name font sizes in the master template, but then it will be slightly different in the other parts. For example, I want font size 20pt, in one part it’s 19.9pt, another part it’s 20.1pt. It’s also a bit buggy sometimes when I’m trying to make font adjustments, and then I try to click off the frame and it seems to freeze and stay on the frame, not allowing me to deselect or the changes I’ve made to be initiated. I’m wondering whether this is just a bit buggy and will be resolved in a later update or whether I’m missing something quite obvious?

I hope this makes sense!

I expect what you are seeing is that there are some small inaccuracies in the reported point size at different zoom levels, so depending on exactly which zoom level you are at in each view, the size reported will vary by a small amount, normally around 0.1–0.5pt. Even within the same layout you will experience some variation when you zoom in and zoom out. We will do our best to fix this in due course. In general the size reported when you are at one of the preset zoom levels (e.g. 200% or 400%) will be accurate.

I understand. I will try and use the preset zoom levels more frequently whilst in Engrave mode!

It’s worth noting however that these font sizes are obvious in an actual print though. When exported as a PDF or printed on paper, there is an inconsistency in text sizes from one part to the other; the title is bigger on some parts than others.

That seems a bit more unlikely to me, unless you have different staff sizes between the different layouts (which is of course possible), as most text is relative to the staff size by default.