Inconsistent handling of dragging values in info bar...bug?

I often use the start time of a clip in the info bar and drag it up or down to move the clip around in small increments.

I’ve noticed that in some projects this functionality changes after a while, and once a project gets bigger (I haven’t caught the exact moment it happens) I’m sometimes completely unable to drag up on the smallest increments on the start time. Dragging down doesn’t seem to be affected.

Another inconsistency which may or not be related is the way Nuendo handles the undo history of dragging values: Sometimes after dragging a value up or down then a single undo will revert it to the starting value, yet at other times it’ll take multiple undo’s to go back to the starting value.

It would appear that sometimes a drag is saved as a single event (i.e. the final value reached after you release the click) and at other times each value you drag through on your way to the final one is saved as a separate event.

I’ve not found a reliable way to replicate either of these issues, they seem to happen randomly. Has this happened to anyone else?