Inconsistent Midi Playback via Rewire

Hi all.

Say I have one midi note playing back in cycle mode. It’ll play a few times starting over at the left cursor as it should… but then it’ll fail to catch the next start and be silent throughout the cycle… then starts again. So as you can imagine, while I’m working it’s difficult to continue other parts because it’s not playing back consistently.

I’ve check that all of my audio drivers are up to date.

Using Cubase as the master rewired to Reason. Could this be a Rewire issue? Never happens when I’m using Reason alone.

Thanks for any help, been using Cubase for years now and it’s never been solid for me. Absolutely willing to say it might all be in my setup, but simply as a comparison - Reason has never had these playback issues.

As I felt confident 7.05 would be the one, I’d love to get it working. Any helps is appreciated.