Inconsistent Mute and Solo Behavior?

Something’s been bugging me for a long time. Not sure if what I’m seeing is intentional or caused by something I’m doing. If I have a folder (Guitars) with another subfolder (Right Rhythm Gtr) with audio and FX tracks under it, and the audio track is routed to the FX which is routed to a bus, the solo and mute don’t always work consistently.

All examples I’ve seen, where I’ve collapsed everything to show only the parent folder (Guitar) showing, can show the Guitar folder is muted. Yet, when I expand everything I find nothing else shows muted and sound is played. So I can’t trust the parent folder status.

Additionally, I see inconsistent behavior where my routing is as described above, I’ve tested the routing with audio, yet I try to mute or solo the bus and sometimes it then mutes or solos all tracks above it (except the parent “Guitars” folder), which is what I would expect. Other times, muting or soloing the bus will only auto-change the status of the audio track OR FX track. Or, if I try to mute or solo the parent track, it doesn’t auto-change all the tracks beneath it.

So, I’m re-creating all the folders and tracks from scratch, copying and pasting settings, then moving any recorded audio and the newly created section will work as I would expect, except the parent folder.

I thought maybe it could be caused if I had duplicated tracks, but I’ve seen the duplicated tracks work as expected. I use a project template with sections already created and tested to work, but I swear I’ve opened my project and some sections will not mute or solo all tracks. Am I doing something wrong or do I have wrong expectations?

The mute/solo behaviour on Cubase folder tracks has triggered quite a few conversations, judging by the number of prior discussions :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% sure if I’m right on this, so any corrections would be welcome - but it seems to me like the design concept works like this:

Folder Track controls will not override existing solo/mute settings of individual tracks, but only solo or mute all those tracks where neither solo or mute has been set at track level. This helps sometimes and hurts at other times.

And it seems to be a consistent behaviour, but it’s arguably misleading (or as you said “untrustworthy”) user interface design at the Folder Track level.

In other software, UI designers have chosen a 3rd visual state of the parent UI control, for the situation where there’s a mix of settings in the child controls. - For example when the UI control is a checkbox that’s either checked or not, UI designers often put a little “-” sign in the parent checkbox to indicate when the children checkboxes are a mix of checked and not checked.

It think it would be less confusing if Cubase did something similar.

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Many many years of using Cubase and the Solo Mute still confuses me