Inconsistent Page Layout

Good morning.

I’ve created an arrangement for jazz band, and when I move to Engrave mode, the staves are not laid out consistently from one page to the next. I don’t see any reason for this as the number of staves and the players don’t change from one page to the next. Any idea why this is happening and what I can do to avoid it in the future? Manually adjusting each staff is very time consuming.

Good afternoon.

Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Vertical Justification.
My suspicion is that page 15 is just over the threshold for the first value (which is 60% by default) and page 16 is just under the same threshold.

Thanks Leo. Set the threshold to 50% and everything is justified perfectly.

Hi again. I just noticed that there are two pages that are justified outside of the bottom of the frame. Why would this happen? Shouldn’t everything be kept in the same frame, even if it pushes things very close together (not that it would be an issue in this case)?

Difficult to tell from the picture. Can you zip the file and post it here?

Unfortunately, I’ve already fixed it manually, but if you look at the left page in the picture, it only goes to the Bass Trombone, and then there are the top halves of the chords at the very bottom of the page. The rhythm section is completely missing. I can grab a staff at the top, drag it a bit, and then the other staves appear, after which, I can manually fix it.

In Staff Spacing mode are there a load of red handles on that page? If so, what happens if you select one of them, then go Engrave > Staff Spacing > Reset Selected Frame?