Inconsistent pricing


On this page:

I get one price, but on this page:

I get another.

Is there any reason why?

What exactly do you see?


Isn’t one link for cross grading to Nuendo from previously owned versions of not-Nuendo?

( I’d call that an upgrade … but let’s not quibble … maybe it also allows going from PT to Nuendo… )

The other link is to just buy Nuendo from scratch.

That’s what I see anyway.

I see a 60 bucks diference.for the same crossgrade.

No one can know what you’re looking at without a pic. The website display depends on what the server detects as your location.

Same here.

No picture needed.

Fix it SB!

I see no price, just a blank space where the price should be at, and 400 for C to N xgrade at

Steve is right. The price we thought was cheaper is the crossgrade TO Cubase. Nuendo crossgrade from cubase is blank and when you click is the same price as the other.

Hi all,

thanks for making us aware of that. There’s currently a problem with displaying the Nuendo Live and Cubase Crossgrade prices on the overview page, which will be fixed asap.

Please note that there are different crossgrades available:
(example here in EURO)

For Cubase Pro owners: Cubase to Nuendo --> EUR 399.00 (permanently available)
For Nuendo Live owners: Nuendo Live to Nuendo --> EUR 749.00 (permanently available)
For owners of competitive products such as ProTools, Logic etc.: Competitive Product to Nuendo --> EUR 699.00 (special offer until October 23)