Inconsistent Windows Title Bar names for VSTi Windows (PC)

I had 2 different instances of Kontakt, each on its own Instrument Track, open for editing. I noticed that the names shown in the Title Bar were inconsistent with each other (see attached image).

The Window for the instance on track 7 was helpfully named “07 - Crowd” with Crowd being the name of the Instrument Track.

But the Window for the instance on track 4 was much less helpfully named “04 - Kontakt 5” and not its Track Name.

I’m not sure what caused this inconsistency, but it would be really nice if all the Windows showed the name of the associated Instrument Track rather than a bunch of names like:
03 - Kontakt 5
04 - Kontakt 5
05 - Kontakt 5
06 - Kontakt 5 etc.

This is especially true now that each Window gets shown on the Taskbar with its name