Inconvenience in adding barlines for repeat with repeat endings

Dear users and developers,

While arranging Tchaikovsky’s Swans Lake, I have detected that adding barlines with repeat endings is inefficient because creating barlines for repeat and adding repeat endings are located in two different panels.
I think that working flows which matter this would be more flexible and efficient if the three repeat barlines in the “Bar and barlines” panel were in the “Repeat Structure” panel.
What do you think about it?

Best regards

Adding both is a waste of your time. Add a repeat ending and watch Dorico input the barline automatically: that’s efficient.

(And for the situations where you do need to put in barlines, learn the popovers:

Shift-B :expressionless: |: and :|: )

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and… I don’t understand why I was forgetting the popovers. My brain might have been being in Andromeda.

Shift-R end is the other useful one here.