Incorrect articulation

When I import an arrangement from CUBASE via MIDI import and edit the articulation (staccato, tenuto, etc) by entering from the left panel, the correct articulation does not work. Staccato play long and so on … If I enter notes with a staccato manually or using a MIDI keyboard, then everything is O.K. Staccato plays short and all kinds of articulation are correct. I tried to adjust the articulation in Playback Options -Note duration, but it doesn’t work. What’s wrong?
Thanks, Miroslav

I suspect the issue is that the notes have explicit start and end offsets as a result of being created via MIDI import, so the adjustments that Dorico will make for articulations like staccato and tenuto will not be added: to sort that out, try selecting the affected notes and choosing Play > Reset Playback Overrides, which will clear the start/end offsets and allow Dorico’s automatic playback to be applied.

Thank you, Daniel. It helped, it’s solved - SUPER!
Thank you.

Couldn’t it be set up somehow, like in Preferences, so that I don’t always have to do it this way for every note?

Selecting multiple notes at the same time wouldn’t make it wholly automatic as you would prefer but should still be less bother. Would selecting all notes at once be an alternative?

Yes, you could certainly do Select All and then reset the playback overrides for everything all at once if you don’t want to preserve any of the originally played performance.

Thanks, Daniel. I had the same idea.