Incorrect CH setting window opens when selecting in a group

This happens for me every time so I’m sure someone else must have noticed?

What happens is the first time I select channel settings (click E) within a group it’s always the first CH’s window in that group that actually pops open.

Referring to the attached pics you’ll see I have 8 channels grouped together… if I attempt to open up the CH setting for the 8th CH (labelled ‘15’) what I get on screen is the settings window for the first CH of the group. This only ever happens the first time I open a channel in the group, after previously opening the CH setting for some other non-group channel.

It’s very annoying! :angry:

Doesn’t seem to do the same thing here.

I added empty audio tracks, linked some of them. Clicked on the 5th channel E button and it opens the ch settings for the 5th as expected.
I also selected a non linked channel and opened it’s editor before trying again with the group but it all works as expected

Maybe post a full repro from an empty project if you are doing anything differently.

Hi there,

I think I can reproduce it here. I’ll do some more tests to find out the exact repro and report back.

All the best

Interesting… I tested with an empty project and discovered that it was OK UNTIL I added a VCA fader to the group … THEN this issue occurs consistently as outlined above. I wonder if you get time if you could see if you get the same thing happening by linking a VCA fader channel too? :sunglasses:

I think the clue to this issue is the fact that the group is also linked to a VCA fader.
I’d be interested to know what you find. :sunglasses:

Hi Sherz,

yes, I can confirm the issue.

What actually happens is that when some tracks are linked (not necessarily to a VCA Fader, but just linked), as soon as you select one track, all linked tracks will get automatically selected. If you click on the “E” of any track, when the linked tracks are not selected, the first thing that will happen is that all linked tracks will get selected and then the Channel Settings window of the very first linked track will open up.

But! (workaround) if the tracks are already selected, the correct Channel Setting window will open up.

It is indeed an issue and an undesired behaviour and the developers are looking for a better way of handling linked tracks, but for the time being there is that workaround.

Hope this helps!


Ok, thanks for looking into this and getting back with a response. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Maybe its related…When closing Channel settings window (by clicking x symbol by mouse) MixConsole show up. Is it a bug ?