Incorrect Ctrl+Shift+Tab window switching behaviour (Collected)

  1. New project
  2. Open a Key Editor, Open a MixConsole… Have at least 3 windows open in total.
  3. Switch to the next window with Ctrl+Tab a few times.
    → You go forward through the windows.
  4. Switch to the previous window with Ctrl+Shift+Tab a few times
    => You don’t go backwards through the windows. You only switch back and forth between the previous and current window.


Pay attention to the task bar’s highlighted/focused window. They keyboard shows if Ctrl or Ctrl+Shift was held when pressing Tab.

(In addition, the order that it switches between windows even when going forward seems random.)


( Was an issue in 8.5 and now in 9.x )

win 8.1 Pro here

This was not addressed in

The issue persists in 9.0.20

The issue persists in 9.0.30