Incorrect default names for transposing instruments (saxophones) in German version

Just a minor observation: I created a new piece using the default “Saxophone Quartet” template using the German version of Dorico. The instruments were named “Soprano Saxophone (H Be)”, “Alto Saxophone”, “Tenor Saxophone (H Be)” and “Baritone Saxophone (E Be)”. As you can see, the names have not been translated to German (Sopransaxophon, Altsaxophon, Tenorsaxophon and Baritonsaxophon), but the transpositions have been - somewhat. Of course, it should be “(B)” for soprano and tenor, and “(Es)” for alto and baritone sax.

If you use any of the templates that ship with Dorico, you only get English names.

That’s OK, but then the transposition should not be translated either - especially not that wrongly. I can see where “H/E Be” comes from (“B/E flat”), but the correct name would be “B”/“Es”.

The German “translations” of the transpositions look so stupid, that I start to hate them, every time I see them (which is every day!). I really hope, that the priority for this is high enough, that it will make it into the next update. Everyone I showed Dorico and tried to convince to change his notation program was commenting on this!!!

I’m afraid this will not be addressed in the next update, but it is something that we plan to address as soon as possible.

So, I see that the transposition translation hasn’t been fixed in Dorico 2 yet. :frowning: This is a really annoying bug.

Yes, I said at the start of May that it would not be addressed in the next update in the post you replied to…?

Sorry, I didn’t look at the date very thoroughly; I somehow assumed this was asked longer ago, i. e. before the last Dorico 1 update.