Incorrect download link for Nuendo 13.0.40 (Win)

The download link for Nuendo 13.0.40 (Win) does not link to Nuendo but to Cubase(!).

This is the correct download link:

Someone in charge should change this as soon as possible.

It is not announced yet, I guess the preparations are not done completely.
Release notes are not up-to-date, either.

The release notes are always a bit late. :wink:
And as for the download link, I assume it was an oversight. The one for Mac is correct. Only the Windows one downloads Cubase 13.0.40. (Instead of Nuendo 13.0.40.)

Download Assistant is working as expected.

Then the problem only exists on the website. (And only if you have selected ‘English’. If you set the website to ‘German’, the link is correct.)

By the way: The release notes for version 13.0.40 are now online. :+1:

The issue is resolved. Thank you.