Incorrect eLicenser version available for download

This page has a link to download eLicenser version

In fact it downloads version Version; suspect a server-location issue for North America.

Any idea when this will be fixed, please? TIA and good luck!

I suspect the nice people at Steinberg would like a link to the page that links to the incorrect download, rather than the download link itself (which incidentally correctly downloads, at least this side of the Atlantic).

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Thanks, Leo.

My cutting and pasting failed. It’s this page > ‘Current Downloads’

Yes - in the end I was able to get it by pointing my VPN to Berlin. You’re right (of course), it’s a server/location/cacheing issue, which will probably corrected in a few hours as the correct store propagates.

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As of this moment, in the USA, download of Mac and PC vers both download x.x.1284



Good; thanks; must be region by region…