Incorrect folder

I have the Cubase 5. I try to choose a folder used the button “add” in vst2.plug-ins and I do a very big mistake. I choose all the folder “program files (x86) instead the only one folder in the “programs files x86”. The result is that I can’t open my Cubase as the program try to initialize all the program files x86. I delete the Cubase many times with many ways and I used anything I thought but my computer remember my wrongdoing. Pls if you can help me to correct this problem. Thank you very much…



Look down the page a dozen or so threads.

Gump, I looked at the forum and did not easily see a thread you might be referring to. It would be nice if you just linked to the thread, or provide the answer needed. Without it, your post is actually OT.

I would do so, but I am not on Windows- all I can say to the OP, is trash your Default.xml file in the preferences folder.


Some people, unlike you, don’t hang around the forum 24/7 and just check in between work, tracking, etc… . Therefore, they don’t have time to copy and paste links during visits. I pointed the OP where to get info. How is that off topic??? I can’t count the times I see you posting off topic replies, I guess it’s ok for you but not for others, eh?

Further, there’s a Sticky to read and search before posting. How is telling someone to read or search off topic or against rules? I haven’t seen a written rule stating that. Can you point me to it?

To add, you calling me out in threads is actually off topic so how do you reconcile that?

To answer your questions,

  • your post didn’t have any info in regard to the original post.
  • telling people to follow rules is a moderator function.

My last response to you.

your post didn’t have any info in regard to the original post.

Yes it did, it pointed to the exact answer to the question.

Again, where is it written you have to respond with links?

Actually that is true. It’s not written anywhere but keeping the purpose of this forum in mind it would be very helpful to do so. The way you respond and participate in topics is sometimes very counterproductive and provocative which doesn’t really help.

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