Incorrect harp pedaling

In this example, I need to indicate a harp pedaling at the selection. Dorico is looking forward to the D# and incorrectly including it in the pedaling.

How can I remove it from the pedaling mark?

Open the playing techniques popover and enter just the accidentals you want?

I can definitely do that, just hoping for a more automatic solution. The gliss should encompass the diatonic notes.

The automatic calculation is based either on all notes from a single selected note onwards, or notes within a selected range if that helps?

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-v-|-vv- in the popover should do it, though granted that’s not automatic.

That’s it. I was using it incorrectly, just asking it to calculate as far ahead as it could. Instead, select a range of bars and calculate. Thanks!!

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If it helps anyone, I discussed pedaling with a symphony harpist. Every player may be different, but
she said that even the ‘Great Masters’ didn’t always write the pedaling correctly. As long as it’s a playable
part, she suggested I leave the pedaling to the harpist🙃