Incorrect number of inputs and outputs for UR28M


Is there any possibility to have the UR28m work with Asio4All with all inputs and outputs?

I just got a Xone4D mixer with a 10xin/10out soundcard to complement the lack of inputs and outputs and I would really need those extra ones.

In Asio4All the Xone4D has all the in/out pairs available but the UR28M shows only 2 :cry:
Currently as I’ve found the WDM driver for the UR series only allows for 2xInput and 2xOutput support which I find very odd considering the overall quality of this interface.

The soundcard works fine in Asio mode but I really wish I could fully use all the inputs and outputs this device has.

Please can you enable those in/out pairs in WDM mode? I am literally begging here. :frowning:

I want to get another Steinberg like the UR824 and use all at the same time (UR28M+UR824+Xone4D), but this single breaking fact is preventing me to go ahead with the purchase.

Imagine getting a UR824 and having access to just 2in/outs instead of the correct numbers :frowning:

Hopefully someone can give a glimpse of hope, otherwise I’ll have to search for a different brand that supports all the ins/outs in WDM mode, even though I didn’t found yet something as good sounding, flexible and easy to use and accesible like the UR series.

Thank you for your time!