Incorrect Playing Techniques with NotePerformer VST

I’ve entered music into Dorico with a MIDI controller and edited the articulations and dynamics after entry. Upon playback using the NotePerformer VST, I’ve noticed that long runs of sixteenth notes marked as legato are encoded with both legato and natural playing techniques. How did this happen and how can I fix it? I approached Wallender Instruments first and they suggested posting here.

There are at least two instances of playing technique anomalies.

  1. Flute I part, bars 41-49

  2. Flute I part, bars 97-101

In the first example, the trills on notes within the legato passage seem to be part of the problem. I can add them and see the problem arise in the key editor. In the second example, I have mistakenly added a few extra legato marks in some of the triplets. This seems to cause the problem, but removing them doesn’t seem to help.

I should say that I am pretty new to digital audio and editing, so I could easily have caused this without realizing it. Any help would be appreciated.

Kuhlau Op 102 - Variationa on an old Swedish Air. Tempo di polacca.dorico (1.0 MB)

when I open your project and remove the trills from the first section and the duplicate slurs from the second, the notation is exactly as I would expect. I’m not sure why removing them doesn’t clear the “natural” passages as it does here. It’s important to note with NotePerformer that there is no trill playing technique in the Expression Map as trills are emulated generally using the “legato” technique (sampled trills are supposed to be used when available in third party NP Performance Engine libraries but are not shown in the key editor as such).

Is it at all possible that your score does update after removing trills and extra slurs if you close the key editor and go back in – or even save and reopen the project. So far, I can’t replicate!

I think the issue here is that when trills are played using multiple notes rather than a sampled trill, we add a legato playback technique to ensure that the notes in the trill are smooth, and I think we are ending up removing the legato playing technique incorrectly, and returning to the natural technique. We’ll look into this and see whether we can sort it out.

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OK-- so it’s confirmed that it’s Dorico that adds a legato technique to NotePerfomer trills (as NP has no trill p.t) so what we have in both examples is a double legato – two legatos on top of each other – which is presumably confusing Dorico so it’s going back to the default “natural”. And of course that does indeed mess up playback, including with NPPE. Would be great if this could be sorted (although as I personally rarely incorporate trills into a legato passage, I hadn’t particularly noticed this issue. This may also be that with my third party NPPE libraries that there is much less of an obvious shortening of the note with “natural” than with native NP).

However what still puzzles me is why for @mbwolk , removing the trills or duplicate legato does not fix the issue as it does here. Not sure what you found, Daniel?

Thank you for the discussion. I removed the trills and duplicate legato. This time, the removal resolved the problem.

If the double legato issue is resolved, I would be interested to know so that I can correct the score and playback.

OK so that explains that – the removal did work second time around

I must admit I’d sometimes wondered why a trill with NP always showed as legato but Daniel seems to have explained it so I’ll leave it in their capable hands to work out a solution for the doubling.