Incorrect recall of MIDI Send assignment on application restart

I have 2 midi tracks with sends assigned to 2 different VST instruments. The VST instruments are 2 instances of the same instrument. On reloading the projects the midi send assignments had changed. So e.g. originally midi track1 → instrument track1, midi track 2 → instrument track2. After reloading project midi track1 → instrument track 2.

Possibly the reason is that on the intrument tracks that are receiving the midi sends I had 2 different plugs that receive Midi data, e.g. 1 have 2 instances of something like Midigate ( actually Duck and StandardGate ). Actually i was experimenting and evaluating the different plugs. But absolutely, 100% I never assigned the midi sends from track1 to the plugs on instrument 2… actually a kick to bass side chain has ended up being routed to a loud synth part and it is extremely noticeable! For me this is a clear mishandling and non robust implementation of the assignment. I guess it is fudged somehow without using a unique identifier and seperate table to avoid such problems happening?

Also verified that the problem has happened recalling a slightly older save of the same project, so again 100% certain that this isn’t an accidental change.

I did search, I am the only one to notice this?

Cubase Artist 13