Incorrect recall of some plugins in "shared" mode

Hello, I am using VST live pretty much since launch (I am currently on with several Native Instruments plugins and I’m experiencing strange behavior of the shared instrument functionality: Some plugins do not get properly recalled when opening a previously saved project that uses them as shared instruments.

I am saying “not properly recalled” because there is no consistent incorrect behavior. Instead, it seems to be somewhat random. I have tested Massive and FM8 in particular, trying both VST2 and VST3 versions of the former.

Here’s how I can sort-of reproduce the problem on my system:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Add two Parts to the default Song.
  3. In the Layers view, select FM8 as the “Output Device” for one of those Parts
  4. In the second part, select the same instance of FM8 as “shared”
  5. Open the FM8 Interface in the first part and load some preset or change some plugin values. Playing both Parts results in the same sound (as expected).
  6. Save the project, close VST Live
  7. Reopen VST Live and open the saved project
  8. Now there can be different behavior:
    a) Everything is recalled as it was when the project was saved (hooray!)
    b) Both Parts have FM8 loaded but only the first contains the sound programmed prior. The second one has the default patch.
    c) The first Part has FM8 loaded with the previously programmed sound, the second Part has not plugin loaded and says “NOT FOUND” in the dropdown.

On the other hand, if no changes are made to the default preset under 5., the re-opened project contains two independent instances of FM8 used by the two Parts, respectively, each with the default preset loaded.

With other plugins such as Kontakt and Reaktor, I have not encountered this issue at all…

Any experience from others or insight from the developers is welcome! Currently I resort to only using separate instances of the affected plugins, but being able to make full use of the shared instrument functionality would be great…

… oh! Yes, we can reproduce it with FM8 and we’ll analyse it. Sorry. We’ll keep you informed.