Incorrect update purchased

I did a dumb thing. I purchased the Cubase Artist 10 upgrade from Cubase Artist 9.5… but unfortunately I was wrong about the version I own. I thought it was 9.5, but it’s only 9, so the product activation won’t work (no upgradeable license found). I’ll note that I already downloaded and installed Cubase 10, that’s how I discovered my error. Can I cancel the purchase of 9.5->10 and purchase the 9->10 upgrade instead? And what is the process to do that? Or am I completely euchered? :blush: :frowning:

Since you couldn’t use the activation code you can ask the shop, will help you with it. Their contact info is in the receipt for the purchase I would presume.

I have also uninstalled version 10. Until I did that, 9 wouldn’t even run.

Another question before I buy the correct upgrade: I still have the download from yesterday, which took an hour to download. If I buy the right upgrade, which will give me a new activation code, will that code work on the same download, or do I need to delete the current download and download a new file (sorry for the number of times the word “download” appears in this post)?

The download you downloaded will still be the right download, so there’s no need to delete that download to make room for another download you might download. Download. Also, Downloads are not connected activation codes in any way whatsoever. The activation code is only for the license itself. You don’t even need Cubase installed to activate a USB key license.

(Download) :neutral_face:

Thank you!