Incorrect visualization of buttons with Frequency2 on Cubase 12.0.30

Just wanted to share this weird behavior I found on Frequency2 whenever I switch from the standard view to the side-chain one and back, when working in dynamic eq mode. As you can see, all buttons are empty, and at that point, I just have to close the window and reopen it. Strange!


there seem to be several occasions where those can turn blank. It’s not that common though and I never figured what condition 100% triggers it. Does this happen always with frequency2, cause mine doesn’t do it at the moment, but that doesn’t mean much.


Please run the Steinberg Download Assistant and download the latest update for your version of Cubase. This has been fixed in 12.0.40.

I wouldn’t update, as 12.0.40 is known to have an issue on midi notes visualization on the main window (infact, some guys from Steinberg suggested to switch the view from blocks to lines, which is just a workaround, and not that convenient. If there’s no other way, I’d wait for the next update…