Increase / decrease - Midi CC with keystrokes?

Does anyone know if is the keyboard shortcut that can be set to increase and decrease overall midi cc of a region?

I guess you can create them yourself by making these functions in the Logical Editor.
You’d need to select the range of MIDI CCs that you want to manipulate with the mouse, though.

Do you know how to make such a preset?

Not 100% sure , I use the audio clip volume up/down all the time , would really like away to do this with a midi region

How good is your understanding of the MIDI protocol?
E.g. volume is often controlled by CC #7 ((Main Volume), but that always depends on the receiving device. You would need to input only one MIDI CC event at the place of volume change. It is easily changed with mouse or above mentioned method of a Logical Editor preset (and assigning a key command to it).

I am not quite sure if I underatand what you try to achieve.

I would like to change off set a midi Cc 7 /11 /1 etc from the main arrange window , by selecting a midi region and use a keyboard short cut . Like you can and audio region . Not sure it’s even possible. Couldn’t find a shortcuts list

I do understand my Vi or synth would need to be set up for volume or expression

The main thing is after I’ve written controllers, I would like to register select and plus or minus the overall thing without opening the edit window select in the CC and moving it up and down with the mouse

In Cubase there is no concept to set a volume level for a part (what you call region). Unlike audio, where you usually work on an event in the Project view, with MIDI the part is a container that contains the events. The container does not have a volume information. I guess that feature wasn’t requested often enough over the last 35 years.

If you insert a MIDI CC#7 event at the beginning of a part you can use a Logical Editor preset as shown below for raising the volume by 1. This can be assigned a key command, of course.

Be aware that the value you set will be used for the rest of the track (to be precise: MIDI channel on that port) until another CC#7 event is found. So, it’s not only valid for the part/region.

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