Increase Next Part using Roland Pedal as Switch advancing many 'parts' instead of one?


Swapping from MainStage to VST Live and needing to advance ‘parts’ using a pedal. Roland pedals don’t send momentary signals therefore a work around in MainStage was established by Brian Li and their ‘How to Fix MainStage Patch Changes on Roland Keyboards’ page - in summary - swapping to CC66 and forcing MainStage to view it as a ‘switch’, not clear why this works however! Is there a possible work-around/solution within VST Live to advance only one ‘part’ at a time using either CC64/66? Already got it using the ‘learn’ function within ‘Actions and Shortcuts’ but stuck as to how to force activation only once rather than random increases.


You may try to change the from/to data2 values. Often setting both to 0 or 1 helps. If your pedal sends an on value of 1, for instance, then when you release it, it will probably send a 0 which triggers the Part selection again. Allowing only 1 by setting from and to to 1 should do the trick then. It depends what exactly your pedal sends; use the built-in Devices/Midi Monitor to observe what it sends, and restrict the actions parameters to what it transmits when pressed. Hope that helps.

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Thank you!! This really helped, I ended up using a different CC number (4, in my instance) which provided me with a binary on/off! The Midi Monitor made it really easy to see what was happening!