Increase note lengths by time

Hello to everyone;

I was wondering if there was a way to gradually increase the lenghts of notes by time, and with that i mean:
You start with a Quaver and during ’ X ’ time the lenght gradually increase until it became a Crotchet after ’ Y ’ bars.

Sorry for my bad english, i hope someone understand my question ahah :smiley:


Yes, by combining a macro with a Logical Editor preset and assigning it to a keystroke.

Check out the images.
2017-10-29 09_52_59-Logical Editor.png
2017-10-29 09_53_36-Key Commands.png
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O.O Man ty a lot, that’s exactly what i was looking for !! :smiley:

Clever so ‘n’ so! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Excellent Steve, thanks.

Another method – use “Time Stretch” on the Project timeline. The choice is one of the set under the Arrow/Select button – hold it down and the menu will appear, and use “length applies time stretch.”

Take your first part, copy it and then “time stretch” the part to fit. Again, this is on the Main Project window, not the Key Editor. Repeat the copy and stretch as many times as needed. Use a quantize value of workable length for the stretching with Snap to Grid on. Repeat the copy and stretch until you have the sound you want. “Time Stretch” on the project window is a great part of how cubase works for both Midi and Audio tracks. Good luck.

Nice, both methods wroks really well! Ty a lot!