Increase size of SMuFL for performance notes explanation

I’m writing performance notes for a piece and using SMuFL code to get images of quarter notes and eight notes etc. I was wondering if there is a way to increase the size of the images to make them more legible?


The Bravura Text font is designed for use within text. It’s not clear exactly what you have been doing, but there’s no need to capture images and insert them in text. With Bravura Text you can resize individual characters just like other fonts.


I found a forum that was related to my problem and led me to some good instructions on github:

These instructions helped solve my problem. Also the unicode instructions can be extended to SMufl codes:

Yes. And in addition to the Character Map and Alt-code methods, the SMuFL Spec website includes glyph tables by category, so characters can be copied using a browser and pasted into another program.

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