Increase Spacing Between Page Headings

I need to add more space between the first page subtitle and the composer headings.

I have tried going to ‘Engrave’ then adjust the frames and tried searching without any luck.

I’d be gratedul for any help with this.


You need to edit the First master page.

If you’ve edited a master page but it’s not updating in the score, you probably have a page override on that page. It would be indicated by a red triangle on that page icon in the pages panel. You can right-click to remove it.

Hello dankreider,

Thanks for your reply; it’s much appreciated. I checked all the pages in the pages panel and none of them have the red triangle.

I have tried everything in the Master page edit view; Ive tried increasing the space between the heading by dragging down the whole frame, adding blank lines to the frames, dragging down the frame boudaries but nothing makes any difference to the spacing the ‘Write’ view tab.

There are two variants of each master page - one for the left pages, one for the right pages. Is there a chance you’re editing the left page but your music starts on a right page?

Hello Pianoleo,

Thanks for your reply and your suggestion.

That did it, I edited the right Master page and the spacings appeared. The strange thing is that my music starts on the left hand page, or so it seems.

Anyway it’s now working so I’m happy whatever side Dorico deems it to be. :wink:

Thanks again to dankrider; I’ve been caught out more than once by those red triangles.

Michael, first pages are, by default, RIGHT pages. Because you open up to page 2 and 3 as a spread.

Confusing at first, but when you get the hang of it, predictable and powerful!