Increase the distance between notes and lyrics.

How can I increase the distance between notes and letters using Dorico Elements, which does not have the “engrave” option. Look at the printscreen.

You can’t adjust that setting in Elements, sorry!

Can’t this be set by a Dorico Pro owner and sent back to Dorico Elements?

Not sure about this specifically, but I know often files created in Pro with pro-only features will open in elements as read-only.

Thanks, guys.

wmsenna, if you want to email it to me, I’ll give it a try. dan dot kreider at gmail dot com.

No, Dan, that’s not quite right: any Dorico project will open in either Dorico Pro or Dorico Elements, and the project will only be read-only in Dorico Elements if it contains more than 12 players. It doesn’t matter whether it contains notations that are only creatable in Dorico Pro.