Increase the number of documents on the Hub

Hi, how do you increase the number of available documents found on the initial Hub?

Thank you

You mean on the Open Recent page? Simply by opening more projects.

Normally I should have at least 20 scores on the Hub, instead, I usually find 10.
So I was wondering if this hub has a limitation or a particular configuration.

If any recent projects are on a volume that is not mounted when you launch Dorico, and thus are not found, they are silently deleted from the list. Could that be the case for you?

By the way I’d warmly welcome a real Dorico file database to organise works in a cool and easy way. I extensively use Cubase’s one.

Yes, it could be, otherwise I cannot explain why I have only a few documents, instead of having many.
I hadn’t thought of that, actually.
Thank you…

Thank you all for your answers.