Increase volume of lower notes in Eric Whitacre Choir instruments

Hi guys. I have windows 10, 64 bit, 64 gig Ram, i7 (12 cores ) processor. I am wondering if there is a way in Dorico 4.2.035 to increase the volume of the lower half of the Eric Whitacre Choir sounds(SATB) .
I have noticed that the upper range of notes is louder which is probably how things are with the human voice. It is a lot harder to hear the lower range of notes. Is there a quick solution in Dorico or must I remix the voices in the controller lanes?
Thanks in advance,
Peter B
P.S Dorico is awesome now.

this is one of a number of situations where being able to filter notes by pitch range for global operations would be so helpful. I was just thinking the same thing with a VSL library yesterday where the lower notes are clearly quieter than the higher ones. Although of course you can filter select individual pitches, easily setting ranges is not so straightforward. A Cubase-style Logical editor, even if greatly simplified, would be a great feature for Dorico 5. I can also see developments with automation according to dynamics in the Expression Maps (something already discussed as being in future plans) in having a role to play.

At the moment, I’d just tend to set the master volume at a higher level for your tenors and basses, assuming they’re in different channels and fine-tune in the controller lanes

You could drag a selection round the lower notes in the key editor?

of course that’s also a strategy which I’ve used myself on occasion

Thanks for your response David.

Thanks John. I will give it a try.

Are there no controls for adjusting ranges within the VST itself?