Increasing Bass Volume on a Audio Track

Still a bit new with Cubase. I’ve successfully recorded several songs now and know my way around pretty well. I mic my guitar/drum amps into my Yamaha MG12XU mixer, then USB into Cubase 9 LE AI Elements on my pc Windows 10. I set all volumes at the preferred level (at 0 to avoid unwanted distortion/clipping) on both my mixer and in Cubase, and my recordings sound very clean and balanced. However, today I spent an a couple hours working on a new Bass guitar/Drum machine audio track, and finally got it perfect. However, when playing it back, the drums over-power my bass. Apparently I had the gain turned down on the mixer micing my bass. :astonished: I’ve tried to figure-out (if possible) to increase the bass on this track, using compression, normalize and some other tools, but it just seems to increase the overall volume. Is there a way in Cubase to raise just the bass within an audio track, in order to balance my bass and drum beat volume?

thanks in advance!


Click the waveform on the track to select it, there is a dot(circle) on the center of the waveform, grab that and drag it up

Select the track and then, on the info-line, increase the gain.

If you recorded the bass and drums into Cubase as separate audio tracks, just turn up the bass track. If you recorded them as one single stereo or mono track, and they’ve been mixed together in your mixer, then the only way to record would be to redo the recording. I guess it depends on how you did it… That’s one of the great things about multitrack recording… you can adjust the level/sound of individual instruments at any time as you prepare your mix.

Hi all, wow thanks for the quick replies! This is one audio track with my bass guitar & drum machine. I use this to later record my 2nd audio track with it for my guitar. Actually I played around with the waveform in Equalizer and raised it and now the bass volume matches the drum volume. Thanks!