Increasing/decreasing reverb along the timeline of a track

Is there any way of increasing/decreasing reverb along the timeline of a song part in Cubase Pro 12?
I just want to add a lick of reverb to the last beat of one of the tracks in an instrumental to soften the end of the piece - not all tracks, just the one and throughout the rest of the instrumental, that track needs to be dry. This is an instrumental track.
In another case, I want to increase the reverb on a voice part during the middle 8 and then back it off again during the verses. I can’t believe this isn’t something producers often want to do, but I’ve got a blank when trying to figure out how to do it in Cubase. This, of course, is an audio track (don’t know if the solution’s different to that for an instrument track).


Add FX Channel and put the Reverb as an Insert of the FX Channel. Then automate the Send Level od the source Audio/Instrument Track.

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Of course, Martin. I really should have thought of that!
Brain-block on my part.

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