Increasing font size in note pads...

can you do it? If not, can it for in the “feature request” box please…getting old and can’t read the bl*&^%dy thing from a distance! :blush:

Aloha T,
I do not think it is possible.

For my live work I use the notepad function for on-stage lyrics.

I quickly realized that for any text to be saved in the notepad
it must be in ‘plaintext’ format.

'Richtext will display in the notepad but will not be saved
with the song.

So now I save stuff in plaintext and once the song starts, I use the Mac’s
‘screen zoom’ feature to blow up the text.

Having said all that I have not tried saving rich text in the notepad
since the early C5 days.

Perhaps things have changed but I doubt it.