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I’m recording into Cubasis 2 on iPad from Alesis keyboards and rack modules using the Lightpipe digital optical cable into a MOTU UltraLite AVB, and from that a USB cable to the iPad, via the Camera Connector. It’s obviously a very clean connection, but I get very low input in Cubasis. Going to SETTINGS>AUDIO>INPUT GAIN does not help, as it is not functional (I believe that would be audio interface-dependent). The keyboard volumes are at maximum. Is there an easy way to get more gain that I’m missing, short of going through a mixer?


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Hi @DCinFlorida

Thanks for your message.

When using an external audio device with Cubasis, the input level should be managed using the mixing console apps of such devices.

From what I know, MOTU seems to have both iOS and Android versions of their Touch Console application available. For more details, please get in touch with our friends at MOTU.

Hope that helps!


Thank you for the reply, Lars. I’m using the Win10 version of Touch Console. It shows Trim for Mics and Analog but not for Optical. I’ll look for another way to increase gain, or I’ll just use the 1/4" inputs.

Hi DCin Florida,
I have a small Behringer UCA222 usb audio interface and I can’t increase the input levels, but when using my Alesis Multi-8 usb mixer I have full control of input levels using the onboard faders.

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Normalizing the recorded audio might also be worth a shot?

Most audio-interfaces leave plenty of head-room so the recorded audio is seldom near 0dBFS.

Hi Samual,
The problem with Normalizing in Cubasis is it is all or nothing, using it to increase very low recordings also introduces unwanted noise. I have requested a control to vary the amount of Normalization , but as yet nothing.!

If 24-bits are being used for the recording peaks around -36dbFS can still be normalized to 0dbFS without too much excessive noise and MOTU interfaces are very low-noise to begin with.

But sure, I’d love to see non-destructive normalize and region gain adjustments in Cubasis which would make it easier to work with 32-bit float recordings among other things.

In this case it would be better to increase the level going into the interface as the signal thru the light-pipe has already been converted so gaining up that would not ‘gain’ anything as the conversion has already been done.

There are times when I only want to normalise a section of the wave file so that it matches, such as the black lined section in my photo to be increased to match the red section, in Cubase this is not a problem but in Cubasis the black section would max out.

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Got it!

Separate ‘Audio Event Start & End’ and ‘Selection Edit Start & End’ handles would be super handy and allow selecting the portion you wish to normalize without having to chop the audio-event into pieces.

Currently the only way to do this is to chop the audio into multiple audio events and pray to the higher powers that the correct portion of the file is selected when opening the audio-editor (currently it’s not and I do hope that will be fixed in the next update).