Increasing spacing of notes/bars goes off the window in Galley View in 4.0.31

Dorico 4.0.31
MacOS 12.3.1

I don’t know if this is since Dorico 4, or a recent update, but if I do anything that increases the spacing of existing bars/notes/etc., the window size stays the same in Galley View and I can’t scroll any more to the right.

I can reproduce this every time.

I think this also happens in the iPad version, but I’m not sure.

The workarounds I can find are “exiting and re-entering,” like going to Setup and back to Write, going from Galley to Page and back to Galley View, zoom in then out again, or resizing the window.

This was a bug that was fixed a few months ago:

It was definitely fixed, but it appears to have returned. I posted about it in the above referenced thread. Hopefully it can be fixed again for the next update.

Thanks, I couldn’t figure out the correct words to use in search