Increasing volume of Very Quiet Tracks [Edited]


Assume we have a project where the tracks volumns in the Mixer/faders ( mostly VST) are at around -35 to -20dB. If we use VCA and Group fader to increase the volumes however, the group track and VCA fader linked to the tracks are at 0 dB; they don’t give me enough room to increase the volumes say by 20db or more.

When I mix, I would like start from very quiet volumes ( one VST’s and Normalized audio events). Next, I would like to increase the volumes relatively ( by a factor/multiplier) and absolutely ( by a fixed amount). I tried to use Project Logic editor, however, it does not give me option to change volumes of my track!

I am suggesting the feature to either enhance VCA fader and/or group track to support a higher parameter change and/or include volume change in Trasnformation section of Project logic editor.

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  1. You can get 48dB of gain using the pre’s. You can also in Project Settings change the fader default max from +6 to +12.

  2. If you need to make up that much signal you’ve likely got a gain staging problem upstream, probably at the source.

Yes. More a learning curve thing than a needed feature.

I forgot one one more spot to add gain. If you select an Audio Event in the Project Window then you can add 24dB to the Event on the Info Line.

So that gives you a total amount of gain you can readily add at various points:
48 + 6 + 24 = 78dB

Look at the bright side, good thing you’ve got digital 'cause if this were analog your tracks would be drowning in hiss.

Simply insert a gain plugin. BlueCat Gain can add 60 dB. But, analog or digital, it doesn’t matter, adding that much gain will probably sound like crap unless you fix the gain problem at the source :slight_smile:.