Incredibly noob-ish question, upated to Win 10, Dorico 3.5

I was finally (after months of trying to figure out what was failing the updates) able to update to Windows 10.

Now, I really need some help with Dorico and the new registration software.

In the SIMPLEST term possible, talk to me like I’m a complete idiot:

  1. do I continue to use the dongle with Dorico 3.5?

  2. when I update to Dorico 4, will I still need the dongle to use D 3.5 if I want to use it?

  3. how exactly do I update from the dongle to the new system?

  4. do I update that first, before updating to Dorico 4?



Purchase and download Dorico 4 and go through the installation process. (It will not overwrite 3.5.)

The move to the new licensing system is part of the update to Dorico 4, not a separate process.

when I try to launch Dorico (which now says "Dorico 4), I get a window that says “Launching Steinberg Activation Manager”.

With a message underneath “To activate Dorico, Switch to Steinberg Activation Manager and follow prompts. if Steinberg Activation manager is not running, click Relaunch. If you cannot activate Dorico now, click Quit.”

Nothing happens. And clicking on “Relaunch” does nothing.

Hi @Michel_Edward ,

if you go to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Activation Manager and rightclick on the SteinbergActivationManager.exe, choose Properties and switch to the Details tab, what version does it show? It should be
If you double click the SteinbergActivationManager.exe does it then launch?

I had to end the process in the task manager, then it launched.
except when I start it it says “no license found”.

I have Dorico 3.5, registered and all, but that version isn’t appearing.
I’m supposed to have the free upgrade to 4.0 because I got 3.5 within the grace period.
How do I now get the download access code for that?

If you open the eLicenser Control Center and let the Maintenance Task run, what does it say about your Dorico 3.5 license, does it show as Grace Period Eligible? If so, then there is a link to our website from where you will be guided through the necessary steps for the upgrade.

eLicenser Control Center will only ever prompt you once about the availability of a grace period update, and probably it did that long ago.

So instead you should now run Steinberg Activation Manager, and in the top right-hand corner of the window you will find the icon of a little person’s head: click that to open the menu, and then choose Grace Period Check. This should then take you to the web page that Ulf mentions, which will send you your Download Access Code (DAC) by email.

Once you have the DAC, run Steinberg Download Assistant and click “Enter your Download Access Code”, and paste in the DAC. This will then upgrade your Dorico 3.5 license to Dorico 4. You will still be able to run Dorico 3.5 with your USB-eLicenser connected, but you won’t need your USB-eLicenser connected to run Dorico 4.

In Steinberg Download Assistant you will see a category on the left “My product downloads”. Inside that category you will find Dorico Pro 4. Select this, then on the right-hand side, click Install All to download and install all of the required components.

While this is going on, you can run Steinberg Activation Manager again, in which you should now see that your Dorico Pro 4 license appears, and you can simply click Activate to activate it on your computer.

when I use the “Grace Period Check” function, it waits a minute or so while it checks, but then says “No Licenses Found”.
it didn’t open any web page, just that message in the Steinberg Activation Manager.

Are you running Steinberg Activation Manager on the computer on which Dorico 3.5 is currently installed, or a different one?

same computer.
I had a LOT of trouble upgrading from Win 8.1 to Win 10, which is why it’s taken me so long to try upgrading to Dorico 4.

((Fwiw… My upgrade from 8.1 to 10 (21H2) was smooth, but I was never able to install Dorico 4 on it. Gave up and got a W11 machine. No issues))

Michel, could you send me via private message a screenshot of eLicenser Control Center, with the USB-eLicenser on which your Dorico 3.5 license is located selected?

image sent.

(as an aside, there’s no sound coming from NotePerformer3 in Dorico 3.5 It works in Finale, so I know it IS working. But files in D3.5 that worked yesterday no longer make any sound today)

Probably you have an audio driver issue following your upgrade to Windows 10, I’m sorry to say. It would be a good idea to check for updated audio drivers for your audio hardware, whatever it might be. You should also check that the expected interface is chosen in Dorico’s Edit > Device Setup dialog.

would an audio driver issue only affect Dorico?
like I said, NP3 does work fine in Finale.

It certainly could, because Dorico requires ASIO, and Finale very likely does not.